Welcome to Wordherders

The stark contrast of black ink on white paper occasionally lead some to believe that words are static, passive animals, frozen in the lines of their imprinting. This is a misconception.

Words are mobile creatures. They come in a variety of forms - angry sputtering, sighed eloquence, sharp wit. Their crisp outlines belie their intricate, puzzling interiors. Words are reports, tidings, news, information. Rumors, promises, undertakings. Utterances, inscriptions. Maxims and proverbs. They prefer the fine line of inference, confusion, and misconception, all given with a steady gaze. They pay as little attention to the intentions of meaning as they do to the wagging discipline of taxonomy.

Welcome to Wordherders, where we recognize lines as a creation, a simple attempt to herd words into some semblance of memory and perspective. There are plenty of words to herd, so please feel free to feed the comments. Current herders are listed to the right.